Hi, I am Joan Madrid

project manager and a passionate web developer

What I Do

Nowadays I'm working as a Project Manager, but I'm a former web developer and I still love coding and create my own projects on my free time.
I'm looking forward to be part on your project, here there are some things that I can do well:

Project Management

Managing and controlling succesfully all the project from the beginning until the end. PMBOK

Web Development

I love creating websites from scratch. I usually work with Symfony 2, Drupal, Wordpress and PHP.

Tech. Consulting

I have wide experiencie working on tech projects and being IT consultant for other companies

Game Design

I like playing boardgames, videogames and pen and paper rpg. I have some experience on game design and conceptualization

About Me

I was born on August 1986 in Barcelona. On 2005 I started to work as freelance developing and participating in a lot of projects.

I am very passionate with my work and always looking for the best outcome for my team. I consider myself ambitious and perfectionist. Collegues I work with, think that I am organized and methodical, and I hope you will think so if we work together sometimes :-)

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My personal projects

Some things I have done on my free time.
And a lot more that are still in development, you know ;)

No Quiero Programar

PHP Developing Blog

I started this blog long ago while learning how to develop using PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter and CakePHP.

Later I followed using Symfony 2 and Drupal 7. Always focusing on teaching and made things simplier for the newcommers.

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Browser based RPG

Esirith will be an rpg-like boardgame-like multiplayer browser based game (wow! .. many tags came along), that will be the sequel of a Neverwinter Nights custom server that I made (with many help) many years ago.

It's developed with Symfony 2.

Game-wise, the idea will be unique games that will have a start and end like a board game but for many days/weeks, where each cycle (every night or so) some things will happen. You will be able to create an adventurer, level up, loot, buy, hire companions and so many rpg-like features..

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Handmade Jewelry e-commerce

Bimbalu is an ecommerce for a small shop that sells hand-made jewelry

It's developed with Woocomerce (Wordpress).

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If you want to say hi, hire me for a project or talk about anything, feel free to fill the form below.